About Us

Warrior Nutrition is a sports nutrition company that prides itself in being different. The company was started for the sole purpose of creating high quality sports nutrition supplements, apparel, and accessories. Whether you’re a Soldier, professional athlete, a rising collegiate star, an amateur competitor, or a weekend warrior who takes their health and fitness seriously, Warrior Nutrition is here for you.

Our Company's mission is to engineer products that will benefit consumers from all walks of life. We pride ourselves in not only being different, but setting the bar high. This is to ensure that we foster an environment where our consumers become loyal to our brand.


Kyle and Melanie Hollingsworth

Kyle and Melanie Hollingsworth started Warrior Nutrition in February 2012. Since its conception, the company continues to grow. Both Kyle and Melanie are no strangers to physical fitness." As veterans in the Armed Forces, they believe that all Soldiers and Athletes deserve the best supplements with the highest quality ingredients available. The supplement industry is constantly bombarded with supplements that are mass produced with fillers and false claims. Kyle and Melanie's goal is to "change the game", ensuring that all consumers alike are excited and happy with Warrior Nutrition's products.

Our Team

Justin Takashima

Justin Takashima


Justin is a Soldier, athlete, gym and cross fit enthusiast. Justin loves fitness and believes in Warrior Nutrition. "Honestly I got into the gym by peer pressure and the strive to be the best. I was never into working out until I joined the military. I had a lot of friends that worked out so I gave it a shot and instantly fell in love. Not only with the gains and friendly competition, but also just the drive to be the best. I never liked being second to anyone. When it came to the gym I wanted to always give it my all. Whether it was stress or just motivation everyday I have the drive to get up early and hit the weights. Rampage gives me that extra kick in the rear end to become fully submerged in my workouts. I was always taught to not talk about it but to be about it. Since then I say it to myself as a mantra every single time I go to the gym. If you want to be the best don't talk about it, be about it".